Vendor Spotlight: Copper Kettle Bakery

Vendor Spotlight July 21: Copper Kettle Bakery

Copper Kettle Bakery is a dream come true

When you bite into a tender Welsh cake for the first time, you might be tempted to compare it with a scone.

But the traditional Welsh teatime treat is so much more.

“They’re a Welsh tradition passed down through generations,” explains Grady McGuire, marketing manager for Copper Kettle Bakery. “They’re griddled, not baked, so they’re soft and moist in the middle. They have a distinct texture and flavor of their own, which people love.”

Copper Kettle Bakery is a popular new vendor at the Cohasset Farmers Market this year. And it’s a dream come true for owner Helen Coates, who grew up eating the sweet cakes in her homeland of Wales.

“I told my mum as a child, “One day, I am going to open a bakery and call it the Copper Kettle,” recalls Coates.

Two years ago, she started her own home-based bakery, rising early to griddle and package hundreds of the handmade sweet pastries for South Shore farmers markets and shops, including the Fruit Center in Hingham and Milton.

Coates now partners with a local commercial baker and spends her mornings on new business development, rolling dough for in-store demonstrations, and handling deliveries and outreach.

“The cakes have quickly become very popular,” says McGuire. “As soon as people try them, they think they’re delicious. They taste great on their own or with butter or jam for breakfast or a snack.

“They’re also wonderful with red wine and cheese in the evening. You can even make ice cream sandwiches with them, perhaps with something like Oreo or cherry garcia ice cream— wow!”

Traditionally, Welsh cakes are made with currants, but Copper Kettle Bakery offers original varieties, including cranberry and choc-chip. They are about to launch a new flavor—pineapple coconut.

You can try free samples at the Cohasset Farmers Market each week. And if you prefer to griddle them at home yourself, the bakery also sells a take-home Welsh cake mix. Find them at